NASEO 2015 Annual Meeting
Interconnected: Smart Energy Policies, Clean Energy Investments and The Cloud

NASEO's 2015 Annual Meeting will explore states' efforts to open new economic opportunities for businesses through smart state energy policies and programs that help to integrate intelligent energy efficiency, distributed generation, and the benefits of cloud computing.  These approaches are forever changing how we construct and use buildings, power systems, factories, and vehicles. Topics include:

  • Integrating Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, and Evolving Utility Models ­- State Actions for Economic Advantage
  • Modeling the Investment Impacts of EPA's Clean Power Plan
  • Revisiting Energy Infrastructure in a High Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, and Distributed Generation Model
  • Using Data Analytics to Enable Consumer Choice
  • Reinventing States' Clean Vehicle Programs - Electric Vehicle Evolution
  • Finding "Fresh" Water - Supply and Demand Policy Options
  • Evolving PACE Programs - State Catalysts, Local Options
  • Moving Emerging Tech Faster - Aligning State, DOE, and Investor Strategies to Get New Technologies to Market
  • Linking State Programs and Clean Tech Crowdfunding
  • Enhancing Energy Assurance through Risk Assessment
  • Constructing State Policy Pathways and Accelerating DOE Action on Zero Net Energy Buildings
  • Reconstructing Before the Storm - Resilient Communities

Sessions will feature State Energy Officials, NASEO Affiliate Members, and Clean Tech and Investment Experts

Workshops and Training
NASEO will host several workshops and trainings throughout the conference. Topics include:

  • EPA Clean Power Plan Roundtable - Experts will assess the details of EPA's final Clean Power Plan and states will share energy efficiency and renewable energy plan option approaches
  • Multifamily Energy Efficiency Workshop - Participants will explore public private partnership and policy models that State Energy Offices have used to advance energy efficiency in low-income rental housing markets
  • Ten Things State Energy Offices Should Know - NASEO will provide training to new State Energy Office Directors and staff

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