Zero-Energy Capable Mini-City in Austin, Texas Keeps Costs Low

Zero-Energy Capable Mini-City in Austin, Texas Keeps Costs Low

A mini-city 20 minutes from downtown Austin, Texas is taking energy efficiency to new heights—and new low costs.

A new zero-energy-capable community, Whisper Valley just won Green Home Builder's 2017 Community of the Year for its fine amenities, ample natural spaces, access to retail, and the powerful smart infrastructure and advanced energy technologies that power its homes and businesses.

All of the 7,500 homes built in Whisper Valley are almost identical. They feature 5 kW solar on the roofs, Google Fiber internet, and unique temperature regulation with smart thermostats. Each home is connected to a central geothermal pumping system, moving hot air from the ground into homes in the winter and sucking heat out of the house and back in the ground in the summer. Excess heat provides for the hot water systems as well. Due to these technologies, home owners have the potential to obtain net-zero energy output, producing as much energy with their home as they consume. Read more...

What's Happening in the State Energy Landscape?


Join us this September 23-26 in Detroit to discover the latest energy trends, policies, and issues affecting states. The 2018 NASEO Annual Meeting will feature interactive sessions examining diverse energy markets and high-impact policies that build resiliency, state economies, and local communities. In particular, we will showcase successful energy programs, policies, and projects to foster peer learning and exchange among the states in areas like transportation, electrification, building-grid integration, and financing for energy innovation and infrastructure modernization. Some special session highlights this year include energy cybersecurity, energy strategies focusing on rural communities, the costs and benefits of strategic electrification systems, and how the City of Detroit is accelerating sustainability. We hope to see you in Detroit! Register Today!